Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Night Table: October 10, 2012

Wednesday Night Table 
October 10, 2012

$40 includes your choice of  Domaine Eden Chardonnay, California and
Minkinlay Pinot Noir, Oregon
and four courses

red wine and Western Hills Produce Farm herb braised Campo Lindo Farm chicken over house made pasta tossed with a red wine chicken broth

breaded and pan-fried Thane Palmberg Farm white and purple eggplant layered with whipped Green Dirt Farm sheep cheese and sautéed The Little Muddy Farm arugula on a K.C. Buffalo Co. bison bolognaise

Fig-N-Farm figs stuffed with Maytag blue cheese and a City Bitty Farm micro green salad tossed with Wood Mood Garden apple vinaigrette

house made bread pudding filled with Campo Lindo Farm eggs, Wood Mood Garden apples and Red Ape organic cinnamon